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About Simply Stainless

    Simply Stainless is the home of stainless steel art created by Steve Watkins. All the pieces are hand made from stainless steel. Steve is a pipefitter by trade but enjoys shaping this hard metal into interesting and useful pieces of art.

    Welcome to the new home of Simply Stainless. We invite you to check out our products and services. We can do custom creations as well, catered to your tastes. If you have any questions, ideas or requests we are only a phone call or email away.

About Steve

Steve is a pipefitter, by trade but enjoys a hobby that utilizes all aspects of the word "builder". Steve builds sculptures from stainless steel. He utilizes pipes, various fittings, and stainless steel plates to create his unique designs and original artwork. This particular medium is a difficult medium to work with due to the hardness of the metal. Steve has a workshop in his backyard and this is where he creates and works on his projects. Steve first became interested in metal work in high school when he received a hand made belt buckle from his dad. Steve was fascinated with welding metals and also being able to polish them to a mirror finish. All of Steve's pieces of art are one of a kind and totally handmade. All pieces are cut, ground, buffed and polished
by hand.

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